Choosing an indoor dog house

Today there are several models of indoor dog houses, with various sizes. Two main criteria should be taken into account before making your decision: the size of your dog and the space you have inside.

First of all, the indoor dog house must be spacious and comfortable enough for your pooch. Otherwise he might not use it! Thus, you will check the dimensions of the doghouse you are interested in to see if your dog will have enough room to turn around inside the doghouse. It should not feel cramped! He must also be able to enter it easily and lie down completely inside.

Next, choose the right place in your home to place the doghouse. Depending on the size of your dog and, therefore, the ideal dimensions of the kennel, the choice of locations may be limited! In addition, aesthetics can also be important, if you want it to match the style of your interior.

Finally, a last criterion can guide your selection. It’s about the ease of cleaning the kennel… You will certainly have less work with an indoor kennel than with an outdoor kennel, exposed to dust and bad weather. However, if you want to have an easy-to-clean niche, go for those made of plastic or with a washable fabric.

What kennel model for your dog?

Your pet has its own characteristics and does not necessarily have the same needs as another of the same species. Also, the choice of its niche must be adapted to its size. If you have a small dog, or a puppy, there will be no point in taking a very dog crate furniture, even if you have the space. Because the “cocoon” and protective effect will disappear if there is too much space.

Conversely, if you have a large or very large dog, the size of the kennel must be sufficient for it to enter without difficulty and for it not to feel oppressed inside. He must be able to move around easily!

Mobile niches

Mobile kennels, which fold and store easily, are primarily designed for when you travel with your pet. These are not transport cages, but the equivalent of a real doghouse, which you will install once you have arrived at your destination! Again, if the aesthetic suits you, nothing prevents you from using a mobile doghouse as an indoor doghouse if your little protege likes it!

The Petguin brand offers two sizes for its mobile polyester kennel. The first has a length of 68 centimeters, the second has a length of 84 centimeters. Its base is padded with a plush material for the comfort of your pooch.

Indoor baskets

If you do not want to opt for a traditional niche for your interior, there are baskets or interior beds whose shape can make you think of a niche. It can be ideal for providing your dog with all the comfort he needs. These dog baskets have either very high edges or are semi-closed.

The Petguin brand offers a range of hiding baskets that can be related to indoor niches! They are available in several sizes and in several colors (blue and burgundy in particular).

If you want a design sleeping model for your little dog, the Ozzy sofa basket will meet your expectations. It is not closed like a niche but it is high enough to offer comfort and security to your little companion. The same brand also offers the oval wicker basket, with a high side and a polyester cushion to be able to snuggle up well. As for the trendy high basket, it will allow your little pooch to take naps wrapped in fur

If you have a small dog, you can even opt for a closed basket, originally proposed for cats! This is for example the case of the wooden basket from Jardiland, which is 60 centimeters long. Your little protege will not be offended by the “cat’s head” shape of the entrance…