Hidden Gun Storage

Some guns we like to show off like trophies to our Hunting and Trap shooting buddies and keep them in the fine walnut glass door gun cabinet in the den to proudly put on display our favor rifle or side by side shotgun. I was that way until I had five of my guns stolen by someone that knew where I kept my gun back then. I still enjoy proudly showing my favor rifles and shotguns to friends and fellow hunters or shooter. I just go to the gun cabinet that I have hidden in the master bedroom to retrieve them knowing that they are safely kept until I need to get it.

I was lucky after reporting my guns missing the Uzi for sale local sheriff department called and said that XYZ gun store had my guns and could I identify them and did I have the serial Numbers I did and said yes I can. Three months later I had gotten my guns back.

They are many ways to store your guns. I bought an eight gun Stack-on because it fit perfectly in master bedroom closet back that the end where put the off season clothes that you are not wearing right now. So, two fold once the hidden gun storage or gun cabinet was secured into place. I bolted it from the inside of the cabinet it the stud in the wall and to the stud in the floor of the closet. Not only is it hidden in the back of the closet, the winter sweaters and long sleeve shirts conceal that there is not anything other than clothes in the closet. If you have a narrower closet or a wider closet you can buy according to fit what is right for you and your needs.

I have seen some library style book cases that secretly double as a gun cabinet. There is a company over in Europe that products a single or double library hides a Steel gun safe inside that most would not believe it to be possible. There are Curio cabinets that have a back hidden compartment that sides out the side giving you access to you firearms. I have even seen a corner cabinet that hide guns that would side out of both sides along the wall of the den giving you double the capability of gun storage.

I friend of mine wanted to show me what looked like a family hope chest at the foot of his bed. When he opened it up you could smell the cedar coming from the chest, with the colorful patched Quilt nicely folded on top in the top tray. When the top tray was lifted there was a locked hidden gun storage compartment. He unlocked the metal container and there were two trays with three guns store in separate slots on each tray with room for some ammo.