How To Make Your First Batch Of Mead Honey Wine

Mead is easy to make and you can do a one-gallon batch in an hour or two. After you are done all you have to do is let the yeast do the rest of the work of transforming honey and water into wine.

What you will need to make your YETI ONE GALLON mead is a 1-gallon glass jug, three pounds of unprocessed honey, 1 package of yeast (I recommend Lalvin D-47), 1 gallon of spring water, an airlock, a solid rubber stopper, a rubber stopper with a hole in it for the airlock, some nutrient for the mead, some energizer for the yeast, and a mixing bowl. All of these materials can be ordered from any quality online wine making supply shop and will cost you around fifty dollars including the honey.

Fill your glass jug about half full of water then add the three pounds of honey and mix it up vigorously so the mixture is homogenous in color. Put two cups of spring water in your mixing bowl and add two-fifths of a tablespoon of energizer and two-fifths of a tablespoon of nutrient in it, stir it well then add it to your honey water mix. Shake the bottle well so it is mixed in well

Now you need to activate your yeast by warming up two cups of spring water to between 104 and 109 degrees fahrenheit then pour one fifth of your package of yeast in it. Do not stir it yet. Just let it sit in the water for fifteen minutes then give it a gentle stir and add it to your mixture of honey and water.

Now add more water to your jug so it is full to the top. This will bring it to one gallon of liquid. Note that you will have spring water left over because the honey has taken up space in your jug. The goal is to end up with one gallon of liquid.

Put a solid rubber stopper on your jug and shake it vigorously for five full minutes. This is an important step because it aerates the honey, water, and yeast mix. The yeast needs plenty of oxygen in the mix so it will grow correctly.

Finally you should fill your airlock half full of water, put it in the rubber stopper, then put it on top of your gallon jug of mead. Then place the bottle in a cool and dark place for two to three months and it will be ready to drink