How To Measure Your Gutters 2023 Guide

You can choose between various types, such as K-style and half-round gutters. Each will have different costs, so consider these options before deciding what type of gutter you want installed on your home. At $8–$19 per linear foot, steel gutters and downspouts are as sturdy as copper for a moderate price. Heavier than aluminum, steel stand ups to inclement weather like a champ and can be painted to match your home. Gutters come in a wide range of materials — the cost depends on which you choose. Metal gutters vary in price from $6 to $12 for aluminum and $9 to $20 for steel to $25 or more for high-end copper. Get a Free estimate from a professional gutter company near you.

Trace around the inside of the outlet to mark the downspout hole on the gutter. Use a downspout outlet to mark the location of the downspout on the low end of the gutter. To ensure a watertight joint, seal the rivets and the end-cap seam on the inside of the gutter with a high-quality siliconized caulk. Cut gutter section to length with hacksaw and aviation snips, or with a 12-inch power miter saw fitted with a carbide-tipped finish blade . Get the latest This Old House news, trusted tips, tricks, and DIY Smarts projects from our experts–straight to your inbox. Fitted to the bottom of a downspout, it provides a classy and rugged exit point for water. When the gutter is dry, fill small holes and seams from the inside using a butyl-based gutter caulk.

If that is the case, sometimes they will share the total with the homeowner. They keep leaves and debris out of the gutter while allowing water to flow freely through the screen and out the downspout. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from services near you.

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Likewise, if you live in an area known for heavy rainfall, you will need a larger gutter to accommodate the volume of water. Vinyl gutters are lightweight, inexpensive, and designed for easy installation, making them a great choice for DIYers. If you cannot find an exact match, you can also paint vinyl gutters.

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The one-piece design features a reverse-curve cover that directs water into the gutter and allows leaves and twigs to fall to the ground. The company provides professional installation and custom fits the gutters to your home. You will also benefit from a transferable lifetime finish warranty that covers repair or replacement if certain types of damage and deterioration occur. Due to the need for soldering during installation, galvanized steel gutters are typically installed by a professional and cost about $8 to $10 per linear foot. You can also invest in stainless steel gutters, though the price increases to about $16 to $20 per linear foot.

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Once gutters are clean and downspouts are reattached, hose them down to make sure they’re draining as they should. One way or another, debris will find its way into your gutters, and someone—you or a gutter service—will have to climb a ladder and clean them out.

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You may also consider a larger gutter if inclement weather is common in your area. For homes in most regions of the country, rain gutters and downspouts are necessary to collect and carry away rainwater. Without them, water would erode the soil around the foundation, splash dirt onto the siding, and likely leak into the basement or crawlspace. Straight sections of vinyl or aluminum sold at home centers or online are well within a DIYer’s grasp. Call in a pro if your house is taller than one story, or if you want seamless gutters, which are custom-made on site. The least expensive materials—vinyl, aluminum, and coated steel—run about $1 to $8 per linear foot; the most expensive—copper and zinc—sell for about $9 to $18 per foot. Rain gutters are necessary to protect your roof and prevent soil erosion.

When properly maintained, stainless steel gutters can last for the life of the home. According to Angi, the first step in calculating gutter installation cost is to find the square footage of the roof. To do this, the homeowner will multiply the length times the width of each section of the roof. These products can all be added together to find the total square footage of the roof. While installing gutters on your home as a DIY project is possible, the task isn’t recommended due to the dangers involved. In addition to gutter installation, the company also offers all of those other services listed after its name and gutter cleaning, too.