The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland vs Walt Disney World

Also – at the entrance to the parking lot that takes you directly to the boats there is a a little food truck where they sell coconuts – it’s worth a stop!! Very friendly guy and very refreshing after several hours in the hot sun. Go directly to a boat to explore Sian Ka’an. It’s about a five-minute walk (or 1-minute drive) down a small dirt road, where there is a secure parking lot ($ 50 pesos), and a two-minute walk from the boat dock.

That’s all so great to hear and thanks so much for stopping back by with the update. Yes, we’ve similarly found it to be a very un-commercialized experience. And it’s particularly less visited during these summer months. How awesome to share this experience with your teens! Sorry to hear there was a lengthy wait amidst claims of new restrictions. The summer months tend to be a slow period for Sian Ka’an , so there tends to be not many visitors and boat activity during this time of year. If his claims are legit (and it wasn’t for some other reason), I can only imagine how this will impact trips during the busier time of year (Dec-Apr).

There are 5 local agencies, located in Santa Marta, authorized to organize tours of the Lost City. They all have a good reputation, and the price of the tour is always the same.

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We did it at our return so that we were sure to have a boat. The other couple went back by a car that waited for them to go from the beach to the parking. They proposed us but we wanted to visit the ruins and Mirador.

We think to write an article in french about this experience, to help french travelers ! 😉 And we will take some information from your article, that we will mention in our. As Jasmine said it’s still 600$, plus 50$ for the observation tower and 40$ for the ruins.

Do you recommend the 5-day trek?

Well, they have designed different types of Packages which includes a visit to attractions, food and they also have some entertainment activities in the evening. As you will like to explore the Statue of Unity and the attractions nearby. I would recommend you to stay in the vicinity of the attractions and Statue of Unity. This will help you save your time and also explore the place peacefully. I have jotted down some places which I recommend will be good for your stay.

A few days later the dates and venues were announced. Finally, the tickets were made available two-and-a-half weeks after the cities were disclosed. A promotional trailer and behind-the-scenes footage of the tour were released through Mars’s official YouTube channel and website to further promote the tour. Nobody took any during our tour, and the local agencies say it’s not necessary. There are many unpleasant side effects of these drugs, including diarrhea. It’s not great when you go on a 4-day jungle trek.

We also noticed many other guides speaking English and a female guide spoke French too. Floating on the longer canal to the Mayan temple was also a kool experience. Parking at the Muyil Archaeological site is not a problem and seems very secure. The official Mexican Peso to USD exchange rate is 16.42P to 1USD.

We did the Muyil ruins and boat trip today Ticket for the boat tour was $1,000 pesos per person. Was $50 pesos for the board walk/national park entrance fee. They were charging some people for the ruins however we did not get charged. Instructions on this blog were mega useful and still super accurate. There was a couple of your groups bringing people down to use the boats and do the trip.

Read more about jungle tour in cancun here.

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I would recommend that at the start, mention you’ll pay a fee in advance for booking the tour. There are toilets at the entrance to the Muyil ruins and crucially – once you exit the jungle and reach the boats. This means you can use the loo on arrival and departure from speedboat/lagoon trip. We just came across your blogpost as we are heading to Mexico in a couple of days!