Most popular messaging apps for messaging

Communication on Smartphone is evolvingand is not just about texting. It’s about finding different messaging apps that allow you to be in touch all the time. Although there are plenty to pick from, you may be confused about what one is the best. You can use IMessage for your iPhone or Whatsapp for Your Android device. Let’s find out more about the most used in-app messaging.

What are the benefits of using a messaging app?

The first question that pops into the mind of anyone who uses the service. If you already use your text service through your service provider, and you have an MMs is appropriate, it’s probably a good idea. However, the many options for sharing files and media that other messaging applications offer are what make it even more interesting. It also allows users to connect with acquaintances abroad using the most cost-effective choice. There are some applications which permit you to send images which disappear within a few seconds after you open. You could even set up the group of people you want to join or a specific group of people to remain connected to an organisation.

Another benefit is that you do not need to worry about the limitations of messages since they are transmitted via wireless. This means that you can use unlimited messaging.

Now, let us explore a range of messaging apps, which are classified into three major categories, namely:

* Multimedia messaging applications

* Apps for messaging that disappear

*Group messages, and the payment

Multimedia Messaging applications


The most popular application is WhatsApp that has been available since the year 2009. It is used on Android, iOS, Windows phones as well as BlackBerry users. This means that regardless of what platform your friend is using, you will be able to connect.

The most intriguing aspect is the simple layout and simple intuitive interface. It is possible to include audio, pictures video as well as audio notes and contact cards. You can also upload a map image to zoom on your current location.


The app MessageMe is another that was launched just a month ago. The app is at no cost. You can draw images and share them with your friends network. You are also able to post music excerpts. But, the person sharing it must to purchase the complete version through Google Play or iTunes.

The app for disappearing messages


A new trend among young people is growing in popularity that involves sending pictures or texts which disappear when you open. This is however causing questions about privacy and illicit pictures sharing, however it is quickly catching up.

All you have to do is take the photo or record video using the built-in features of the application. Then , you can send it to your friend with the time limitation to view the photo or video. The duration is set to be anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds. When the recipient opens the app the app, the countdown begins and the item is gone within the time frame specified. Android or iOS users can download this application at no cost. You can also write notes and draw on the image for more entertaining.

Burn Note

A different app under named Burn Note gives you the benefit of deleting messages. There is the option of having your text message disappear after opening it in 120 seconds. The recipient will receive a message as black boxes appear on their screen. When the occasion of accessing these boxes, messages appear. In addition, you can secure your message by using a password. There are also options to make sure that your messages can’t be copied. But, if the user is still able to take a shot of taking a screen capture or video of their conversation.

Group Payments and Messages


This application is well-known for its ability to send group messages. The main characteristic of this app is that it connects people across different platforms. This means that regardless of what type of device you’re using, you’ll still be able to participate in groups messaging. It’s also great that it’s available for free download.

GroupMe gives users the option of creating an option for sharing the cost of picking up the tabs in a restaurant. For instance, if you’re going out with your buddies for dinner , then you are able to pool your tabs by incorporating the payment group. Any user who is part of GroupMe with a payment details application can pool their funds for payment.