The difference between ready-made umbrellas vs custom-made umbrellas is which one is more cost-effective?

When it comes to umbrellas, I believe that many people have the same opinion. Can be used in a variety of ways both sun and rain Almost everyone has to be with them when they leave the house. And is also a good helper that has it all. which helps to protect against UV rays from sunlight and rain. No wonder why most people nowadays have different attention

Besides being useful can also be made into a premium umbrella For use in advertising or organizing promotions to market other products as well or as a gift on important days as well, which is why many people wonder what umbrella should be chosen between umbrellas Ready-made vs made to order umbrellas, what’s the difference? We will explain in detail. ready to give advice

Umbrella comes from the Latin word “shade” and is a device used for sun protection. The shape is a long handle. and the upper part is a curved sheet round like a mushroom that can be folded Convenient when carrying Wikipedia

Compare advantages Ready-

made umbrella

• Cheaper price: Use standard materials. can be used normally not bad at all but will cut off the special effects Umbrellas can be sold at cheap prices and can use at ของชำร่วยงานศพ.

• Fast delivery: cut artwork design. and use standard equipment make the production process faster Suitable for the urgent need of umbrella But will depend on the queue of work waiting to be produced as well.

• To resell: the price will be cheaper than made-to-order umbrellas, which can be used to further increase the price. such as a dozen umbrellas, wholesale umbrellas, Sampeng umbrellas

• Quality: the quality is the same. depend on design and materials to be supplemented to be stronger

• Start selling: Suitable for people who are starting to sell umbrellas. Or earn extra income

• Use to decorate the shop: in addition to the benefits. Can also be used to decorate the shop as well.

Umbrella to order

• Design and placement of artwork: Umbrella can be made to order. You can design or design the umbrella as you want, such as fabric and size, including various patterns. For most organizations or large companies, It is popular to order as a premium item. Distributed to important events

• Used to promote business: another advantage of ready-made umbrellas. as a source of advertisement can publicize and promote their own business

• Materials and Construction: Strong durable materials such as fiberglass are used, which are durable and lightweight for use in windy weather conditions. Anti-UV umbrella fabric, strong structure

• Logo Screen: Can order logo printing. to promote the shop or companies that want to publicize and promote their own business To distribute to customers or guests attending the event

• Make premium items: Various organizations or large companies can use it for distribution or as a reward for customers you love.

Comparison of disadvantages Ready-made umbrella

• Umbrella fabric: Umbrella fabric does not protect against UV

• Material supplied: The umbrella structure is not strong. When using it, be very careful, encountering strong winds or heavy rains will cause the umbrella to easily break. Umbrellas are

made to order

• Expensive: Equipment or structural materials are expensive, but will depend on what you want

• Longer time: Umbrellas are specially designed and unique, making the design time-consuming.

• High cost: There will be a higher cost than the finished umbrella. The smaller the order quantity, the more expensive the average cost.

Basic Umbrella Components You Should Know Before Buying

Each umbrella has a very different structure. Whether it’s a single umbrella, 2 folding umbrellas, folding umbrellas, or reverse umbrellas, which will be sold at different prices depending on the location, such as Sampeng umbrellas, a dozen umbrellas, wholesale umbrellas, cheap umbrellas, depending on the material used equipment

that it is strong or not to get each umbrella so that it can be used in all weather conditions need to recognize whether the parts of the umbrella are used quality materials or not At present, there is an umbrella factory. A large number of umbrellas are produced. Some manufacturers produce umbrellas that do not have quality.

• Umbrella frame: is the main component. It must be checked for strength, which includes umbrella ribs, fasteners, umbrella frames, and umbrella ends. These are the main elements used to protect the head and upper body from rain and sunlight. Should be inspected carefully every time before buying.

• Umbrella cloth: As you know, The weather in Thailand is both sunny and rainy. There are many types of fabrics used to make umbrellas. Should choose the fabric that protects against UV

• Umbrella pole: Umbrella pole, but before it was popular to be made of wood. But nowadays they are usually made of metal, steel, aluminum, and fiber. Durable, lightweight.

• Umbrella handle: There are many types of handles. The most common are wood, metal, and plastic models. and have different shapes depending on the design

In conclusion

if you compare the differences between ready-made umbrellas vs custom-made umbrellas, there will be advantages and disadvantages. different If you have plans to sell umbrellas Or make a premium item to give away to customers on important agendas. should make a good decision Because there are many types of umbrellas. You should choose the one that is mainly suitable for the customer group


Umbrella The price is cheaper than the made-to-order umbrella. I will choose standard materials, considered usable, but do not have any gimmicks or highlights to be of interest But talking about the use or running an umbrella business For small orders will be a better choice. The cost is not very high Suitable for starting a business,

made order umbrellas

For made-to-order umbrellas, the price is higher than the finished umbrella. but the better quality will use high-quality materials Able to design and layout artwork, including screenprinting your business logo. To distribute to customers, promote your shop or advertise your business. without having to pay any rent